Why you should Examine Plants carefully before purchasing

As the winter season draws closer to its end you might be considering buying new plants to spruce your garden up for spring. When planning your trip to the local nursery you should try budget enough time to be able to examine each plant carefully before committing to a purchase.

Plants can sometimes be infected with fungi or viruses while sitting in the nursery so it important that you conduct a thorough examination in order to prevent any new plants contaminating the existing plant life in your garden. A sign that a plant may be infected is discoloration or abnormalities on the plants leaves.

The roots of the plant are a major indicator of the health of the plant. When examining the plant you need to make sure that the roots reach all the way to the bottom of the pot that the plant is planted in. If the roots do not reach the bottom of the pot then they have not developed to the stage where they will grow well in your garden.

You should also buy plants while they are still in bud form because if they have bloomed by the time you buy them then you will not get to enjoy them in your garden. This is especially true with plants that only bloom once a year, you want to enjoy the pop of colour in your garden rather than at the nursery.

An aspect that is often neglected when one is examining plant is the reading of labels. This will advise you on where the plants will thrive and what conditions will help them grow to their mature size. Most importantly you should go to a nursery that you trust, where you know that they will sell you top quality plants and give you the best plant advice.

Author: Carel

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