Most call it landscaping. We call it a master piece in nature by shaping and composing elements together.

A garden where people can hatch together, feeling peaceful, not knowing it’s the colors and textures, sizes and heights, forms and lines, sounds and smells, focal points and maybe magic that makes them feel so good.

We do it in the following procedure:

  1. Having a meeting and consultation with the client
  2. Creating a landscape design for the client’s approval.
  3. Quote and cost estimate for approval.
  4. Landscape implementation.

Implementing process/Landscape construction.

  1. Cleanup rubble and unwanted materials.
  2. Earth works, soil levels and preparation.
  3. Planting large plants.
  4. Installing irrigation systems
  5. Hard landscaping – flagstones, coble edging, pots exc.
  6. Planting small plants and lawns
Mnandi Nursery - Landscaping