Landscaping with Ground Covers: For a healthier, prettier garden!

Having a low maintenance garden that looks stunning all year round sounds like the ideal for any homeowner that lives in the big city. Save yourself time of having to maintain your magnificent garden by the implementation of ground cover plants.

Except for looking great there are a couple of benefits of ground cover plants that will make your garden healthier than ever before. Some of these benefits include water retention – this will lead to watering your garden less often keeping your water bill in check and also giving the environment a helping hand during times were droughts are a real threat to South Africans.

Weed elimination- the healthier you plant, the less space there is for the bad to grow. This will leave you with a low maintenance garden that requires little to no attention. Planting ground cover plants will avoid ground erosion making sure you are covered should any major storms hit.

Synthetic ground covers like gravel are available but adding plants adds interest and beauty to your garden and home.

Ground covers are great for sorting out those shady areas under the tree where the grass refuses to grow. Ground plants will add a beautiful touch of uniqueness that round off a great looking garden. They require little maintenance so it will easily take care of those stubborn spots with ease.

Here at Mnandi our ground covers are grown in 2lt, 4lt and 5lt sizes, especially for your specific needs and size requirements. Trust our professional to guide you on choosing the correct ground covers for your garden.

Author: Carel

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