Ground Cover Plants deserve a place of their own…

Gardens offer a refreshing space to wind down and relax after a long day at work or school. With beautifully arranged flowerbeds and the fresh scents released into the air by the plants, this space can offer much needed peace and tranquility. There are many plants that you can use to give your garden some personality; such as ferns and ground cover plants.

The amazing thing about ground cover plants is that they require very little attention and care. Most will not be too affected by people stepping on them or pets pulling at and eating them; they will simply go back to growing the way they are supposed to. This is because most ground cover plants act like creepers; they grow out and not up – their designed to spread out horizontally and not vertically.

Ground covers are quiet fruitful; some do not develop woody stems or deep root systems which makes it easier for them to spread horizontally covering as much ground as possible. If they spread too far into areas you didn’t want them to occupy you can simply dig up the excess growth; which you can give to someone else, replant it in a different location or you can throw it away.

Most ground covers can be used to fill in gaps between stepping stones or rocks they can also be used as filler where you are not looking to plant in your garden. With general weekly garden maintenance ground covers can survive for many years without shrinking and dying out in the process. They require little maintenance and survive independently.

Some ground covers are not just leaves but sprout out beautiful little flowers that add to their appeal. These types of ground covers can be useful and help to decorate your garden with little effort on your behalf. Ground covers also serve a vital purpose for the general upkeep of your garden.

They reduce water evaporation from the soil, they prevent weed problems and they buffer soil temperatures. They also help to provide shelter for smaller creatures and provide them with substantial food. Earthworms and smaller insects survive well in the cool moist soil beneath the ground covers. This protects them from the birds that tend to feed at ground level for smaller insects and worms.

Some ground covers like the low growing Aloe types provide nectar that attacks nectar eating birds and bees- helping to feed the food chain. Ground covers are extremely useful and will definitely add some personality to your garden.

Author: Carel

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