Home owners with busy schedules have less time to spend on garden maintenance. Mankind currently is extremely concerned about decreasing flora and fauna, and gardeners in particular countries like South Africa are becoming increasingly water savvy. These trends have influenced the world of gardening in many ways, as evidenced at leading flower garden shows all over the world. One new trend is the increased interest in, and use of, ground covers in gardens as they have many advantages for the environmentally conscious gardener.

Ground covers serve as ling mulches. Evergreen ground covering plants play a vital role in conserving water in garden boarders. This layer of evergreen low-growing small shrubs, helps in reducing water evaporation from the soil, they prevent weed problems and buffer soil temperatures.

Ground covers also help in the soil sequestrate carbon by keeping bare soil in the garden covered. Ground covers make for a prettier picture for the spaces between shrubs and perennials in the boarder. Carbon sequestration is a vital technique in reducing global warming caused by, among other gases, carbon dioxide. This process of trapping carbon in forests, soils, geological formations and other carbon ‘sinks’ is called carbon sequestration

Ground covers are low maintenance and a great substitute for lawns. Large lawns are undoubtedly beautiful, but the costs are also high. They require fuel for lawnmowers, fertilizers and pesticides, high water consumption and your weekend time are all part of the cost of lawn maintenance. With careful selection, ground covers can provide a great alternative at very minimal costs. Different coloured blooms give an added advantage.