Best tips & tricks on Organic Gardening

There once was a time when organic gardening was sneered upon made to look like gardening for hippies or health nuts or people who thought they were better than others; however those sentiments are now a thing of the past and organic gardening is now on a rise.

One of the major purposes of organic gardening is that it provides healthier food options while helping to maintain and keep or environment safe. The more information becomes available about chemical herbicides and pesticides, the more we see the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified crops and then we become less likely to use those products in our homes.

Organic farming allows you to reduce the amount of pesticides and toxins in the environment; due to the production process of organic foods they tend to be more expensive when purchasing them from a supermarket therefore we recommend you growing your own organic produce at home as this will save you a lot of money.

Below are some vital tips for how you can effectively grow organically:

  1. Plan: Have a vision for the type of garden you would like, envision it as you go about preparing the area for your garden. Decide which fruits, herbs and vegetables grow best in your area and find local sources that sell organic seeds for you to plant. Decide on the space and budget how much you are willing to spend towards your garden.
  2. Less can sometimes be more: It would be wonderful if you could have all the fruit and vegetables you wanted straight from your garden however sometimes space can be an issue and also tending to the specific needs of eat plant may be a bit of a problem. Also by starting small this allows you to build your confidence seeing your produce blossom may be the motivation you need to expand to a bigger garden.
  3. Choose productive plants: There is nothing more demotivating than not seeing progress three months down the line. This is enough to demotivate you completely from ever pursuing to have your own lavish garden. Therefore go for plants that will guarantee you some positive results and ensure that you at least have some produce when harvest time comes.

Growing organically is a way of taking control of the type of food you expose your body to.  It’s a way of making the places where your children and pets play as safe as they can be- safe from pesticides and herbicides.

Author: Carel

We are a wholesale nursery that predominantly grows our own plants and trees.

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