10 Tips on Keeping Intruders out of your Garden

Some time ago, the most exceedingly awful thing that could happen to your garden was someone digging up a couple of your prize daffodils. Times, however, have changed, and today’s green-fingered criminals run outfitted with devices significantly more complex than only a small trowel and crossed fingers. They don’t consider anything like removing hanging baskets by the lorry load.

As of late, an organised gang was linked to a case where wisteria from some gardens in the Northern suburbs were stolen. Also, if a sculpture or stone statue is too heavy to move by hand, they won’t falter to bring a bulldozer or a small crane. They actually wait until you are away, and tell any inquisitive neighbours that you have chosen to dispose of your solid brass Venus de Milo, or collection of gnomes.

We would like to share with you some tips that can keep intruders away from your garden.

  • Try not to plant tall trees or shrubs around a garden entryway; this gives cover to intruders.
  • Utilize Nature’s defences: prickly hedges of holly, berberis, hawthorn, pyracantha and blackthorn. Good thorny climbing roses include: ‘Compassion’, ‘New Dawn’ and ‘Maigold’.
  • Reinforce your ramparts by installing garden trellis and screens on top of your fence; it breaks and alerts you to an intruder.
  • Install a rock drive; you can hear footsteps a long way off.
  • Put two locks on a side gate.
  • Secure hanging baskets with locking sections; one gang of hoodlums customised their van rooftop to carry up to 70 baskets a time, and were making a fortune from selling the plants.
  • Secure your containers and ornaments with a land anchor (e.g. Platipus).
  • Discover the insurance situation; often, stolen plants and statues aren’t covered.
  • Chain up your bin; intruders normally utilize them to climb over garden gates.
  • Microchip your prize specimens.

Your garden constitutes the overall image of your home and you would want to maintain its glory by making sure it’s secure from uninvited intruders. Let’s face it, some plants and artificial features quite costly and may attract intruders, hence keeping your garden protected is as important as the effort that you take to keep that garden looking fantastic.

Author: Carel

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