About Mnandi Nursery

About 30 years ago when the Mnandi area was just farms and dirt roads,
Silverwood Nursery was born and nurtured to life by Ralph Olivier.
However, when he died the orphaned nursery became neglected until current owner,
Carel van Heerden, saw the opportunity to breath new life into it,
starting by embracing the area’s name and calling it Mnandi Nursery.

Eleven years later Mnandi nursery still maintains a charming farm-like feel
while cultivating a wide variety of ground covers, shrubs and trees with a team of trained staff members,
who work hard to grow plants which are both popular and in keeping with the current landscaping trends.

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Mnandi Landscaping

Most call it landscaping. We call it a master piece in nature by shaping and composing elements together.

A garden where people can hatch together, feeling peaceful, not knowing it’s the colors and textures, sizes and heights, forms and lines, sounds and smells, focal points and maybe magic that makes them feel so good.

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